Church History

A Brief History:

"The Jeevan Jyothi English Church had its beginning when the first group of workers of the Southern Asia Division Office staff transferred from Pune early in 1989 to join a couple of isolated Adventist lay persons who were living in Hosur. The company was later oganised as a church joining the sisterhood of churches of the North Tamil Conference.
During the years 1989 - 2002 several new members have been baptised and several transferred their membership from elsewhere. At present 237 names are recorded as members in the church register. When the Tamil church was organised, several members transferred their membership to the newly organised Tamil church. There is a Telugu speaking congregation who meet as a separate group, but are recorded as members of the English speaking church.
The pastors who have ministered to the congregation were D Xavier, Rajarathnam Jones, Shekar Philip, Maywald Jesudas, GJ Christo, Caleb Joshua, Frederick Paul & Maywald Jesudas . At present Immanuel Christopher is the pastor at Jeevan Jyothi English Church.


Pr. GJ Christo